House Keeping Chemicals

Bathroom Blaze Pro:(k1)

Bathroom Blaze pro is a enriched with pleasant perfume. It is free from any bleaching, abrasive, highly acidic or alkaline compound and hence can be safely used on any delicate surface such as marble and granites.

Floor Blaze Pro:( K2)

Floor Blaze Pro is a perfumed floor and delicate surface cleaner. It is free from any harsh chemicals such as bleach and abrasive etc. hence can be safely used on any hard surfaces including marble and granite.

Glass Blaze Pro:(K3)

Glass blaze pro is an ammonia free glass cleaner concentrate. It removes dust, finger marks, and smudge, fly and insects splattering etc., leaving is steak free crystal clear. It also be safely used on other surfaces (Ceramics, Metal, plastic etc).

Twinkle Wood: (K4)

Twinkle wood enhances the gloss and forms an antistatic film. Twinkle wood can also be applied on polished and metal surfaces to extend tarnishing period of the metal.

Fresh Blaze Pro:(K5)

Fresh blaze pro is an aqua based liquid air freshener. Also is available in various fragrances. It deodorizes and imparts long lasting fragrance and brings freshness.

Toilet Blaze Pro:(k6)

Toilet Blaze Pro is a liquid toilet cleaner formulated to remove the lime deposits and sparkles and cleans.

Twinkle Steel

Twinkle steel is non staining stainless steel cleaner cum polishing agent .Suitable for cleaning and polishing of stainless steel surface. It is a free flowing high coverage. Low surface tension liquid formulated for non food contact surfaces.

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