Personal Care and Cosmetics

Pearl Luiqid Soap

PEARL Luiqid Soap is a gentle richly perfumed hand wash with moisturizer that effectively cleans your hand.

Sani Gel Soap

Sani gel soap is a super concentrate with moisturizing effect. Contains exotic perfume, leaving your hands fresh after wash.PH balanced and bio degradable.

Blooms Soap

Blooms Soap is a super concentrate with moisturizing effect, contain exotic perfume ,ph balanced and biodegradable product.

Premium Shampoo

It effectively cleans your hair leaving them soft and smooth. It is also enriched with moisturizing effect.

Shower Gel

Shower Gel effectively cleans your body and makes soft and smooth. It is enriched with moisturizing effect and lingering fragrance leaving you feeling fresh and clean.


It is a light creamy and easily absorbed all over body with delicious scented moisturizing effect. Its soothing properties help to protect skin while leaving it retain soft & lingering perfume.

Hand Sanitizer

Both varieties of Gel and Liquid form of sanitizer available.

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